I’ve been pretty consistent using all the tools daily, sometimes twice a day. I find myself more anchored and focused for the day after doing these. With people that come to mind throughout the day, I mentally ask how can I help you, and listen. Graham you said to quiet the mind and keep the body still. Wow! I didn’t realize how tense, restless I could be in my body. By doing both, I went deeper with the meditations.

I love tool #4 it really grounds me. With #6 it’s different each time.

We are a gift of life and here to shine brightly; to offer our gifts. ♥️ Our happiness is our birth rite. It’s easy to find joy in caring for others – which I love yet we/I need to fill my cup and enjoy life, find what makes me happy! Wahoo 🤸🏿‍♂️💃🏽💝