More Connected to My Authentic Self & God – Spiritual Counselling

I had the great opportunity  to work with Graham in coaching and counseling this past year. I was going  through a very challenging  time, and also wanting to grow in my spiritual life. I didn’t know how or if I could  move past certain  issues and felt very heavy hearted, and struggling to let go of regrets and issues  of the past. Graham  has helped me with all of this and much more. I now feel connected to my authentic Self and a much closer connection  to God. I feel a peace within, and true happiness,  and creativity emerging, and that I’m  starting to pursue my higher soul’s purpose(s). Graham  is as supportive, understanding,  wise, and non-judgmental as there is..a true joy, a true blessing  to work with..He has my highest  recommendation. 

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Gentle Guidance – Spiritual Counselling & Coaching

With Graham’s gentle guidance I have found my way back to God after 3 decades. A lapsed Catholic when I began spiritual counselling I was disillusioned with the religious teachings I’d received about a God who judges and condemns ‘sinners’. I never ceased to believe but I didn’t regard God as the solution to my many problems. Fortunately Graham knew differently and over time, through meditation and by being a living example of light, he showed me a different version of God; the True version, who lives in all of us, and offers unconditional love. Feeling that love, learning to live in it and meeting others who do the same is truly life-affirming.

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