Opened to a New Way of Connecting – Poetry Healing Group

It opened me up to a new way of connecting that I didn’t even realise existed. Graham and Michelle both do a wonderful job of holding an incredibly safe space that leaves plenty of room for complete vulnerability and connection to all human beings. It is an enlightening and healing experience, providing a platform for creative expression that can bring light to everyone and anyone’s healing journey. To feel true, real connection to other human beings and to spirit itself has been magical and wonderful, opening me up to new ways of seeing the world around me.

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Gentle Guidance – Poetry Healing Group

The group meetings provide a safe, non-judgemental and totally confidential environment in which we have the opportunity to express ourselves through poetry, written in real time, that captures whatever may be coming up for us in response to the recital. It’s profoundly moving to hear people’s words, and it’s a gift when they stir in me emotions that I hadn’t consciously acknowledged but which needed to come to light in order to heal. The support and guidance offered by Graham and group members together during the meetings are a balm to my soul.

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