Light-Filled, Peace & Transcendent Flow – Meditation and Connection Work

Graham’s meditations are Light-filled, beautiful,  filled with peace, and have a transcendent flow. The peace usually lasts long after they are finished and through the day. His meditations  are as good as I’ve come across. Also there’s  a wonderful  element of connecting with others from around the world. They are facilitated wonderfully. Very Highly recommended, they are a true experience and very healing.

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Centering, Connection – Meditation and Connection Work

Graham’s approach to meditation has been incredibly helpful to my journey, centering me in times of real darkness and helping me to make a connection that will never disappear. His intuition to what you really, truly need in that moment is top notch, each meditation bringing something that I really, truly needed in that moment. If you have any issues with connecting or meditating – you must speak with Graham! He will have you touching home in no time, calming your mind and helping you to release, while holding you as you go. Always a pleasure and a beautiful experience.

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