Happiness Course – Our happiness is our birth rite

I’ve been pretty consistent using all the tools daily, sometimes twice a day. I find myself more anchored and focused for the day after doing these. With people that come to mind throughout the day, I mentally ask how can I help you, and listen. Graham you said to quiet the mind and keep the body still. Wow! I didn’t realize how tense, restless I could be in my body. By doing both, I went deeper with the meditations.

I love tool #4 it really grounds me. With #6 it’s different each time.

We are a gift of life and here to shine brightly; to offer our gifts. ♥️ Our happiness is our birth rite. It’s easy to find joy in caring for others – which I love yet we/I need to fill my cup and enjoy life, find what makes me happy! Wahoo 🤸🏿‍♂️💃🏽💝

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Happiness Course – Grow happiness in my life

I am very grateful for the tools I have learned here and the support. I have made some life changes that were needed. So many things are changing. I am going through divorce. At first I was nervous and scared but relieved. I used the first set of tools and the meditation which helped tremendously in those first days. As I am continuing processing all this information I am still helping and loving and demonstrating kindness because that is who I am. It is who I have always been my whole life. I am of service to many people around me and it truly helps me stay connected to God myself and others.

Sometimes doubt has crept in and I get wishy washy and question what am I doing. The challenge is which voice is talking to me God or Ego. Thank you all for your love. And Thank you Graham for this opportunity to share and grow happiness in my life 💜💜


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Happiness Course – You are enough

I wanted to share something that was said in our daily meditation… Graham said “you don’t have to prove yourself, you are enough” and the other person said,  “you’ve always felt you had to perform to be loved.” This is the theme of my life, always doing for others to feel accepted.  What I’m finally learning is I need do nothing, nothing! This goes along with my mantras from Tool 6 which is freedom (the f in EFT😉) and peace.  The freedom is not feeling responsible for anyone else except myself knowing when I do that things fall into place.  …It’s a beautiful reflection of how I’m feeling lately even with all the tears of grief of letting go and letting others live their lives as they please….

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