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All-Ways Home Healing Group 

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  • One Thursday Live 8pm UK GMT Coming soon!
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  • About 30 minutes
  • Healing Meditation, Sharing & Inspired Writing Recitals
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Allways Home Work Support and Burnout Prevention Group 


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from clients on Counselling & Therapy, Spiritual Counselling, Coaching, Poetry Healing Group, Online Poetry Recitals, and more.

The Peace Continues – Counselling

Having now joined several sessions I regard this beautiful connection experience as an essential part of my self care routine. Taking 25 minutes to climb down out of my noisy mind and into the stillness of my heart, guided and anchored by Graham’s gentle voice and among a group of people all fully committed to connection is profoundly beautiful. The peace… Read more “The Peace Continues – Counselling”

In Good Hands!! – Counselling

I’ve been in counselling with Graham and I’ve been noticing positive changes in my life!! With his help and guidance, I’m gradually getting over past traumas, anxiety and depression. He’s highly skilled, understanding and compassionate, and flexable as well. If you want a warm and non-judgmental counsellor, look no further! I’m SO glad that I’m in good… Read more “In Good Hands!! – Counselling”

Non-judgemental Environment – Counselling & Psychotherapy

In addition to being a highly qualified and experienced counsellor and therapist Graham is a dedicated, compassionate and attentive person who provides me with a safe, non-judgemental environment within which any issue can be explored. His expert guidance is both practical and relatable and it is invaluable to me as I go through the process of understanding, and healing from, my… Read more “Non-judgemental Environment – Counselling & Psychotherapy”

Gentle Guidance – Spiritual Counselling & Coaching

With Graham’s gentle guidance I have found my way back to God after 3 decades. A lapsed Catholic when I began spiritual counselling I was disillusioned with the religious teachings I’d received about a God who judges and condemns ‘sinners’. I never ceased to believe but I didn’t regard God as the solution to my many problems. Fortunately Graham knew differently… Read more “Gentle Guidance – Spiritual Counselling & Coaching”

Gentle Guidance – Poetry Healing Group

The group meetings provide a safe, non-judgemental and totally confidential environment in which we have the opportunity to express ourselves through poetry, written in real time, that captures whatever may be coming up for us in response to the recital. It’s profoundly moving to hear people’s words, and it’s a gift when they stir in me emotions that I hadn’t consciously… Read more “Gentle Guidance – Poetry Healing Group”

Love & Acceptance – Poetry Healing Online Recitals

The recitals are heartfelt poems and guided meditations delivered in an atmosphere of calm, quiet contemplation. They guide us away from the distractions of the outside world , taking us gently inwards and enabling us authentically to connect with our inner world. The loving words find their way to the places within us that we sometimes avoid out of fear and… Read more “Love & Acceptance – Poetry Healing Online Recitals”

Massively Helpful – Bereavement & Addiction – Counselling

Graham has been massively helpful in the last two years or so. I have had a lot of trouble with bereavement and addiction in the past and Graham helped me through an incredibly stressful period. He has been a great calming influence and I can’t recommend him highly… Read more “Massively Helpful – Bereavement & Addiction – Counselling”

Chilled, Safe – Meditation

A chilled, safe, non judgemental place to breathe and… Read more “Chilled, Safe – Meditation”

Holistic Way to Connect – Poetry Healing Group

I met a wonderful group of people from all different walks of life and we all managed to connect and relate to each other on some level. This group is extremely eye opening and a great, holistic way to connect with… Read more “Holistic Way to Connect – Poetry Healing Group”

Opened to a New Way of Connecting – Poetry Healing Group

It opened me up to a new way of connecting that I didn’t even realise existed. Graham and Michelle both do a wonderful job of holding an incredibly safe space that leaves plenty of room for complete vulnerability and connection to all human beings. It is an enlightening and healing experience, providing a platform for creative expression that can bring light… Read more “Opened to a New Way of Connecting – Poetry Healing Group”

Centering, Connection – Meditation and Connection Work

Graham’s approach to meditation has been incredibly helpful to my journey, centering me in times of real darkness and helping me to make a connection that will never disappear. His intuition to what you really, truly need in that moment is top notch, each meditation bringing something that I really, truly needed in that moment. If you have any issues with… Read more “Centering, Connection – Meditation and Connection Work”

More Connected to My Authentic Self & God – Spiritual Counselling

I had the great opportunity  to work with Graham in coaching and counseling this past year. I was going  through a very challenging  time, and also wanting to grow in my spiritual life. I didn’t know how or if I could  move past certain  issues and felt very heavy hearted, and struggling to let go of regrets and issues  of the… Read more “More Connected to My Authentic Self & God – Spiritual Counselling”

Light-Filled, Peace & Transcendent Flow – Meditation and Connection Work

Graham’s meditations are Light-filled, beautiful,  filled with peace, and have a transcendent flow. The peace usually lasts long after they are finished and through the day. His meditations  are as good as I’ve come across. Also there’s  a wonderful  element of connecting with others from around the world. They are facilitated wonderfully. Very Highly recommended, they are a true experience and very… Read more “Light-Filled, Peace & Transcendent Flow – Meditation and Connection Work”

Happiness Course – You are enough

I wanted to share something that was said in our daily meditation… Graham said “you don’t have to prove yourself, you are enough” and the other person said,  “you’ve always felt you had to perform to be loved.” This is the theme of my life, always doing for others to feel accepted.  What I’m finally learning is I need do nothing,… Read more “Happiness Course – You are enough”

Happiness Course – Grow happiness in my life

I am very grateful for the tools I have learned here and the support. I have made some life changes that were needed. So many things are changing. I am going through divorce. At first I was nervous and scared but relieved. I used the first set of tools and the meditation which helped tremendously in those first days. As I… Read more “Happiness Course – Grow happiness in my life”

Happiness Course – Our happiness is our birth rite

I’ve been pretty consistent using all the tools daily, sometimes twice a day. I find myself more anchored and focused for the day after doing these. With people that come to mind throughout the day, I mentally ask how can I help you, and listen. Graham you said to quiet the mind and keep the body still. Wow! I didn’t realize… Read more “Happiness Course – Our happiness is our birth rite”

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