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All-Ways Home is a way of Living dedicated to help and support those seeking healing, personal transformation and wellness through creative writing, eclectic therapeutic approaches, coaching and spiritual development practices.

The goal is to help you anchor, more joy, love and peace and success by awakening to your inherent ‘Oneness’ and to live your Life this way! We are in this together! Lets act this way together!

Welcome Home

All-Ways Home is dedicated to those seeking healing, wellness and personal transformation through therapy, coaching, and spiritual development practices, with the goal of awakening to Oneness.

All-Ways Home is a healing blend of spiritual connection practices channelled and crafted through spoken word poetry, reflective practice, humour, counselling, coaching, meditation, and prayer.

I would love for you to join me, Graham Hill Coach and Counsellor for:
A Life Transforming 21 day Challenge: “Find Your Happiness”


Weekly Teaching and Accountability Sessions Live on Zoom
Connect daily with Course participants via private and safe, Facebook group online
All teaching is recorded
All tools are provided to course participants

When?  Next course coming soon! 

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All-Ways Home

All-Ways Home is an enlivening individual, group and community centered coaching and spiritual counselling approach to achieve personal growth.

Hi everyone! Welcome to my website!

My name is Graham Hill and I am the creator of All-Ways Home.

I create poetry, written and spoken as well as coaching and counselling content, with messages that will ground, lift and inspire you!. These supportive messages come direct from my lived experience and practice as a coach, published, author, trained mental health professional, therapist and spiritual counsellor. My messages are spontaneous, heartfelt and speak openly and optimistically of our amazing, ever-present interconnectivity, and potential, to live as One harmonious and happy human family.

I have helped and supported thousands of people on my path and I have been helped by the very same number of people! This awareness of our interdependence keeps me humble, motivated and appreciative.

I am committed to love and forgiveness (non-judgmental compassionate) practice in Life. We all make mistakes to learn, we all have hurt someone at some point and been hurt by another at some point, and equally we all have inspired and been an inspiration for others consciously or not.

So let’s truly learn from this by focusing on our common good and will to be happy and commit to not creating division through judgment or judgment of judgment!. I know this is simple but not easy but what else of worth have we got to do around here!

These messages will help you live your life anchored more in safety, love, peace and success. As you absorb and integrate them you will feel more connected to your inner intuitive guidance, inspired to remove your inhibitions to express yourself and to move confidently forward in the Great Ocean of Life!.

Each message will help you discover practically, progressively more and more, how to train your mind to realise and share your personal soul given-gifts, with abandon, clear purposefulness and real meaning, so that your living example, through the creative expression of your gifts, will help everyone you communicate with. Get ready also to meet more of your soul tribe, it’s not a silly fantasy, it is entirely possible to be to be part of a happy family here.

Please visit the Sessions and Testimonials page to see what services I offer.  

Love Graham