By Graham Hill

Look the sky, clear, singing bright,
And now it is covered with the sun,
Beaming new arrivals one by one,
From all corners of the cosmos
Fleets of golden carriages converge
Rolling on diamond-wheels of grace
Through the skies, oh what a sight!
Down starlit highways everywhere
All hearts expand and welcome
As the rush of golden fever arrives
And this time it is staying for good

The precious source-cargo is here
Oh what an everlasting feeling!
The golden melody of the Messiah
The golden ratio, spiral and flower!
Delivered unto us, alive in all of us,
All our crowns of golden promise
Now open-wide, floods of light pour,
Directly into surrendered channels
Stand!, stand!, stand!, all stand!
Receive every immortal drop
Of your unlimited divine-worth

Look left and right, an angel smiles,
Each one, with a mirror of love,
Only able to see another miracle,
For you are a luminous angel too!
Unified as a universe of angels!
Everybody is perfect, a royal family,
Prince’s and Princesses of Light!
In robes and gowns fit for Heaven only

All gates open throughout the land
The Forest of Edenshire blooms!
Growing wild everywhere!
As one golden harmonious abode
Trees brim with lovely birdsong
Roll up everyone come forth!
The great peace and joy is upon us

Everywhere is filled to overflowing
The resounding music of life declares:
We all have chosen love again
We all are as God created us
We all are God’s children
All committed to living happiness.
The sky glitters with blissrain falling
Gold-fragrant rose-petals engulf
Christ’s Nation of Light-saviours,
All dreams melt away into pure Light
We are in heaven’s kingdom, Home,
Living lightly, One forever.