By Graham Hill
June 6-8, 2018

There is always a holy answer
In all my breaths that you inspire,
So open your heart and fill it
With trust from me.
Expand your conscious will force,
In my breathscape between your breaths,
Dig out all rotten seeds of rancour,
And plough my field anew,
With total faith in me.

With miracles planted in your mind
Each dawn and morning dew,
Reach up in earnest to me.
Let me gently lift you up into heaven on earth.
Don’t rush make sacred space for me each day,
Allow the changes in my wind,
To blow through you,
As a trillon light-waves and electric thrills,
Across my endless ocean of pure innocence.
Feel my touch of quiet unlimited tenderness
I come to simply rest my heart in your soul house.
All your gifts to give are left there for you already,
Darling I stirred and blended them into your life,
From all your drops of faith.
So abide in me forever
Let’s join together!
In my lake of clear crystal truth.

Know that I speak with whispers with you always
Connect my voice in yours,
Through you and me,
Us and them,
I may also appear to you as he and she;
Or as plants or animals,
Unconcerned by the trivialities of human gender,
Or awe-inspiring seascapes or land masses of earthly wonder,
Or all the myriad persons that live in this world.
All forms presented in creation are also broken
In destruction by my hand.
Fear not the human language-mind
And cosmic symbolism
For all are mere mediums to convey,
Everything about me that cannot be
Articulated by the cleverest of wordsmiths.
For you are all unattainable with human words,
As one silent-universal and boundless golden-sphere,
Of incorruptible peace;
We were never any less.
Know that faith converses,
With divinity in the great beyond,
And will not be overshadowed forever
By the chaos of storming breath,
Mind restlessness and the warped logic
Of disconnected human senses.
So let all that can be done be done alone
Through love and forgiveness here.
Keep your pail full,
With constant, simple faith in me.

Sometimes there is visitors you want and desire more
Sometimes you don’t want them
Who really doesn’t want them?
Who really wants to cling to them?
Let them do their humble job,
After all they came because you asked for them.
For all come as my timeless transient messengers
Of divine mercy.
All are benevolent guides crafted,
Of invisible light-silken threads embroidered
As my omnipresent shawl of being.
All political wrongs and rights are, bar none,
For the human stage,
Of frantic competition and performance, not mine.
Let my invisible etheric words alone mark indelibly,
The road to our total original union.

Make no compromises,
In your remembrance of the taintless source,
Live in my ancient ever-present reality of perfection
To which we all belong, right now.
No knowledge or heart was ever lost,
You simply forgot,
The joke you made
Falls only on a miniscule fantasised version of yourself.
Awaken and remember now,
A million times and more,
Whatever is needed to illume your soul,
And bridge the illusory faith-gap,
Between all my soul children and me.
I am willing to give this to you,
Your place in me is waiting,
In blissful eternity,
In faith, let it be.

Embrace in curiosity everything you don’t know
Willingly surrender to what is,
Eternally beyond you,
For it will come.
When Father Mother God
And all the children will see as one.
Keep faith alone
For what you imagine now,
Through my single eye of love is home.
There everyone is one and welcome,
So let love be your faith,
And if love is really what your searching for
Then end all doubts each moment with faith,
In the knowing that love
Is our one unfathomable nature,
Resting in the faith-kernel of all your souls.

Feel your one true possession
Closer than your hands and feet
What’s stopping us?
From being in this communal river together now?.
Our absence of faith
Makes each and everyone of our collective mistakes,
Whilst our presence of faith will remedy all.
Let’s go in with Father Mother God together
Take the hand of Holy Spirt and Om vibration,
Make no move nor decision without this love binding.
Oneness creates the common ground
To build the one common path
Buckle up enjoy the ride!
The one big surprise for us all is the other side
So Let’s rejoice, relax and celebrate!
As all that matters
Is guaranteed in the great dance of faith.