A Life Transforming 21 day Challenge: “Find Your Happiness

 With Graham Hill Coach and Counsellor


  • Weekly Teaching and Accountability Sessions Live on Zoom
  • Connect daily with Course participants via private and safe, Facebook group online
  • All teaching is recorded
  • All tools are provided to course participants


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See Testimonials for those who already benefited from this course!


This event is perfect for people who want to melt the asphyxiating and immobilising tar of overwhelm, stress, low self-esteem, procrastination and feelings of disconnection and lack of purpose.

Graham will teach 9 powerful self-transformation tools which You apply to Your Life over 21 Days to Find Your Own Happiness Live on Zoom and interacting on Facebook group throughout 21 Days.

You will successfully tap into your own intuitive guidance, increase your willpower, and feel progressively energised to meet your Happiness goals.

You will be able to courageously lift Yourself up to move forward with clear focus and purpose to create Your Own Happy Life, step by step!

Course Queries and Registration: 

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Cost £150

Course Testimonials

Happiness Course – You are enough

I wanted to share something that was said in our daily meditation… Graham said “you don’t have to prove yourself, you are enough” and the other person said,  “you’ve always felt you had to perform to be loved.” This is the theme of my life, always doing for others to feel accepted.  What I’m finally learning is I need do nothing,… Read more “Happiness Course – You are enough”

Happiness Course – Grow happiness in my life

I am very grateful for the tools I have learned here and the support. I have made some life changes that were needed. So many things are changing. I am going through divorce. At first I was nervous and scared but relieved. I used the first set of tools and the meditation which helped tremendously in those first days. As I… Read more “Happiness Course – Grow happiness in my life”

Happiness Course – Our happiness is our birth rite

I’ve been pretty consistent using all the tools daily, sometimes twice a day. I find myself more anchored and focused for the day after doing these. With people that come to mind throughout the day, I mentally ask how can I help you, and listen. Graham you said to quiet the mind and keep the body still. Wow! I didn’t realize… Read more “Happiness Course – Our happiness is our birth rite”

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