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 7 ways to feel more grounded and connected in your Life.

How on Earth can we come to a place of “okness” feeling settled and happy on a consistent basis in our lives on this planet, in our day to day activities, at work, home and play, with ourselves and with those in our circle, and those in our extended circle throughout the globe? 

Why is it so difficult at times to achieve this? Are there successful strategies we can use and steps we can take to make it a reality? 

We first need to embrace the reality that we in live a universe that is composed of a kaleidoscope of ever shifting narratives, interdependent patterns, meanings and infinite possibilities!. 

Accepting and understanding Life expansively and openly like this, and anchoring this understanding in our mind, requires a continual commitment on our part to ‘empty our bowl’ of fixed perceptions. We need to be open to and train ourselves to trust in, harness and channel, the ‘vital energetic power’ of Life itself. 

We are really magical and amazing beings!  Reason being we can perform this with our own minds, by connecting with invisible Life-forces beyond the material, alive in ‘the intangible realm’. Anybody who has closed their eyes in mediation will have caught glimpse of this, at very least! 

Chi, prana and energy are more common terms now in everyday parlance. Yet still we forget this regularly by not observing and following daily energy-increasing practises, that can lighten and cleanse our bodies and mind, refreshing our soul.

As a collective we are way off accepting that our very own “state of felt-aliveness” is the very energy of Life itself!. By accepting this we are able to flow with Life “in waves of flowing a-wakefulness”. 

Practically, it is possible to clear our windows of perception through a non judgmental practice. I’m doing so we can learn to open to and appreciatively “tolerate”, and with consistent practice, embrace, the unending flow of Life. This enables us to move forward, overcome practical obstacles and achieve our heartfelt-goals, whilst living harmoniously with fellow earthlings! So getting to the “nitty gritty”!

          7 ways to feel more grounded and connected in your Life.

  1. I already mentioned trusting in a power that is greater than our linear imagination is essential to create a Life of meaning. If we don’t do this daily our lives become increasingly purposeless and meaningless  and we revolve around in a depressing goldfish bowl that feels empty, void of adventure.
  1. Establishing a personal daily practice which earths and grounds us, enables us to become rooted, steadfast and focused on what Life has given us right here, right now. One example: Whenever you can, get up before Dawn, breath in the still air and find some nature to observe quietly and connect through your physical senses (sight, hearing, touch). This will energise you, even if you stay in doors, have a living plant next to you, whilst you sit and connect. 
  1. Choose to populate your life by engaging in the everyday art of upliftment! Turn your mind to activities that are inherently refreshing and uplifting for you? What activities lighten you up? Make a commitment to bring them into your Life, make it happen…
  1. To feel connected in our lives we need to enjoy and start a daily practice of appreciation and gratitude for what we have; if our mindset is consistently appreciative we will draw in and attract experiences to us that are infused with the very appreciation and abundance we wish to have. Truly what you put out you revive in return. Spend 3 minutes each day writing down or saying to yourself what you appreciate. 
  1. Bid farewell without clinging to what needs to go in your life. Whatever feels stale, empty, pointless in your Life make an inventory list, and let it go as you are ready. Whatever you don’t truly appreciate in your life needs to be let go, otherwise your mindset will risk fall into a state of perpetual critical-analysis, mental-paralysis, self-sabotage, procrastination and despair. This will zap you of motivational energy. 
  1. Use a micro-dose approach to enhance your Life, add new things in small doses so that they are more likely to stick and be practised more easily. Micro-doses are more easily removed if they don’t work too! Do what works! And find out what works by committing to an experimental micro-dosing approach. 
  1. Last and most obvious, and the one we tend to ignore most! Breathe consciously! Example: Time your in-breath, breathing slowly through your nose. Once you know the length of your in- breath, relax, don’t move, be still, close your eyes, forget about future preoccupations and forget about the past, and breathe in, through your nose, then hold in gently and breath out gently for the same amount of time. Example your in-breath is 4 seconds, hold gently for 4 and release for 4 out your mouth.Repeat for pattern for a cycle couple times a day to rehearse and integrate. This will take a couple minutes on each occasion and will help restore your vital energy and keep you steady. 

See you next time! keep valuing you and each other, with as much power as you can muster! 

Love Graham 

Love is the bridge between you and everything”

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