About Graham Hill

Allways Home is a healing blend of spiritual connection practices channelled and crafted through spoken word poetry, reflective practice, humour, counselling, coaching, meditation, and prayer.

Graham Hill

Graham Hill

Spiritual Counselling and Coaching Approach:

I can assist you to identify how you may be sabotaging your natural urge to express yourself creatively and freely by helping you discover your natural gifts, to overcome egoic grievances and attacks, issues with shame and guilt. This is achieved by one, being a mirror that values you and reflects your inherent value. Two, by helping you recognise and grow gradually in your awareness of the operation and mechanism of your ego and shadow self. Three, help you overcome the traps it sets and how to free yourself. Four, help you learn how to connect and operate from and create with your intuition and spiritual guidance instead. Five, I am ready where needed to get in the trenches, to stand up there with you to support you to get out, by helping you plug into your own guidance and apply it, so you can have a life that is fulfilling, peaceful and joyful!


  • Combined Honours BSc Psychology and Applied Biology Degree University of East London
  • Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor – College of Holistic Medicine Glasgow
  • Dialectic Behaviour Therapy Training University Southampton
  • Spiritual Counselling and Chaplain Training  – Unity of Sedona
  • Minister training: Christ Consciousness Foundation
  • Life Coach – College of Holistic Medicine
  • Stress Management Practitioner – College of Holistic Medicine
  • Trained Mental Health Practitioner Clinical Practice Postgraduate Diploma, University of Southampton
  • MSc in Mental Health Studies, University of Southampton

Personal healing and spiritual development and training journey:

As client I was helped tremendously with personal counselling and psychotherapy. I received support from CBT, Psychodynamic, Integrative and Attachment Based Psychoanalytic Counselling practitioners as well as those using Mental Health and Wellbeing approaches. I trained in and completed professional development in these modalities too as part of my professional and formal training.I have also completed training in spiritual counselling and chaplaincy.

        Spiritual Retreats and Training:

  • Ron Dalton Rieck – Obair Croi, Heart Path  Numerous breath-work retreats including prayer retreat in Malaysia.
  • Mooji: Monte Sahaja Online Retreat and Monte Sahaja Satsang Retreat in Portugal
  • Unity of Sedona – Completed Chaplain and Ministry Program and attended Unity in Sedona in person.
  • Self Realisation Fellowship and Parmahansa Yogananda (PY) completed self realisation program of study and studied PY body of work.
  • ACIM: personal, group and community study of the course
  • Rupert Spira: studied his work online for numerous years


  • Counsellor, Coach and Spiritual Counsellor
  • Writer
  • Father to my daughter 2 children
  • Husband to Raluca Lomota
  • Pal to our ‘fur-son’ Nestor

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